Kolloquium Biologische Psychologie

Montag, 14.30 Uhr, Raum

Wintersemester 2018/19
Datum Name Titel
29.10.2018 Nicole Klein, Düsseldorf Is there a difference in the processing of self-generated and externally generated sounds? An fMRI Study (Präsentation Masterarbeit)
12.11.2018 Alice Schamong, Düsseldorf Gender-Influences on Risk-Seeking and Self-Estimation in a Social Competitive Situation in Patients with Idiopathic Parkinson´s Disease (Masterarbeit)
26.11.2018 Claudia Gianelli, Berlin I grasp the cup that is being grasped: characterizing motor resonance under contextual and invidual variability
10.12.2018 Vasily Klucharev, Moskau Big Brother in the brain: neural mechanisms of social influence
14.01.2019 Alexander Seidel, Düsseldorf Processing self induced tones under the illusion of (missing) agency
28.01.2019 Valentina Niccolai, Düsseldorf Auditory cortex sensitivity to the loudness attribute of body-related verbs

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