Weekly Colloquia - summer term 2019 - Fridays, 15:00-16:00 (bldg. 23.03, level 00, room 61)

12.04.2019 Susanne Neufang LVR Hospital Düsseldorf Serotonergic modulation of waiting impulsivity
19.04.2019 Good Friday No talk  
26.04.2019 Juli Tkotz Comparative Psychology, HHU Düsseldorf Don't be such a scientist - the effect of discourse style on the perception of a scientific debate
03.05.2019 Gerhard Jocham Biological Psychology of Decision Making, HHU Düsseldorf Reward-guided learning and decision making
10.05.2019 Paula Trauberg Institute of Clinical Neuroscience and Medical Psychology, UKD Düsseldorf Analyses of resting EEG in Parkinson's Patients with mild cognitve impariment
17.05.2019 Lisa Schönfeld Comparative Psychology, HHU Düsseldorf Increase in mutual reward preferences after injections of a 5-HT1A receptor agonist into the BLA
24.05.2019   No talk  
31.05.2019 Brückentag No talk  
07.06.2019 Bernadette von Dawans Biological and Clinical Psychology, Outpatient Research Unit "Stress and Social Interaction", University of Trier Stress-related modulation of social behavior in helth and psychopathology
14.06.2019 DSDN No talk  
21.06.2019 Maurice Zech Comparative Psychology, HHU Düsseldorf Getting it over with: do rats accelerate or declarate aversive events?
28.06.2019 Laura Ewell Institute of Experimental Epileptology and Cognition Research, Life and Brain Center, University of Bonn Medical Center The impact of pathological high-frequency oscillations on hippocampal network activity in rats with chronic epilepsy
05.07.2019 PhD celebration No talk  
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