Implicit visual function in participants with regular sight

We investigate conscious vision initiated or inhibited by visual stimuli or magnetic pulses to detect neural bases of conscious sight in participants with regular sight. Indirect testing procedures are used to examine whether the stimuli are unconsciously identified.

Remaining visual performance in patients with central visual disorders

We check for remaining unconscious visual functions in patients with cortical blindness, who lost their conscious vision, and in patients with selective visual disorders (color blindness, object identification disorder) to find out what kinds of visual performances are independent of conscious representation and how they contribute to possible rehabilitation.

Investigations regarding clinical and experimental blindness

Event related potentials are used to identify levels of processing that can be activated without conscious stimulus representation. We test patients with perceptual disorders that are neuropathologically grounded as well as in non-impaired participants with an experimentally induced transient blindness.

Investigations regarding the functional neuroanatomy of the visual system
(functional imaging)

We investigate the involvement of parts of the human cortex in different functions, how the brain produces subjective percept (illusions, aftervision, imaginations) and how lesions and training change activation patterns in participants with or without impaired vision.

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