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Martin Papenberg

Journal publications

Papenberg, M., Diedenhofen, B., & Musch, J. (in press). An experimental validation of sequential multiple-choice tests. Journal of Experimental Education.

Papenberg, M., & Musch, J. (2017). Of Small Beauties and Large Beasts: The Quality of Distractors on Multiple-Choice Tests Is More Important Than Their Quantity. Applied Measurement in Education, 30(4), 273–286.

Papenberg, M., Willing, S., & Musch, J. (2017). Sequentially Presented Response Options Prevent The Use Of Testwiseness Cues In Multiple-Choice Testing. Psychological Test and Assessment Modeling, 59(2), 245–266.

Other publications

Papenberg, M. (2018). On how testwiseness and acceptance reluctance influence the validity of sequential knowledge tests (Inaugural-Dissertation). Retrieved from undefinedhttps://docserv.uni-duesseldorf.de/servlets/DocumentServlet?id=46569.

Papenberg, M. (2018). Test theory in R [Testtheorie mit R]. Retrieved from undefinedhttps://osf.io/y4a6k/.

Short CV

2018 PhD (Dr. rer. nat) at the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, University of Düsseldorf
2018 BSc., Computer Science, University of Düsseldorf
Since 2014 Research assistant at the department of Psychological Assessment and Differential Psychology, University of Düsseldorf
2013 MSc., Psychology, University of Düsseldorf
2011 BSc., Psychology, University of Düsseldorf
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