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Registration Group Assignment Module F Summer Semester 2023

Dear students of the first, soon to be second master's semester,

The preference submission period has ended. If you would like to be subsequently assigned to a group with places still available, please write to Dr. Friederike Barthels ().


Today a new member joined our scientific staff! A warm welcome to Dr. Martin Löffler!


In a recent publication in the journal eLife, Simon Desch and colleagues investigated the modulation of pain relief and corresponding neurochemical basis. They used a probabilistic pain relief task that either actively or passively induces a reduction of a tonic thermal pain stimulus. To explore the neurochemical bases, this task was embedded in a double-blind crossover design. To find out which factors modulate pain relief, as well as which neurotransmitters play a role in this process, click here.


Another research assistant has joined our group today! Welcome, Nora!


Although not new to HHU, but still new to our department, Dr. Friederike Barthels joined us today! Welcome to our research group, Friederike!


Another new employee: As of today, Christine Beuer has joined our department as a secretary. Welcome, Christine!


Today Samuel Mertens started as a research assistant in our department. A warm welcome!


New publication in Pain: In her newest publication, Prof. Dr. Susanne Becker and colleagues have investigated the neural and behavioral correlates of pain avoidance in humans with and without episodic migraine. To find out how this manifests itself, click here.


New publication in The Journal of Pain: In a cross-sectional study, Prof. Dr. Susanne Becker and colleagues assessed the prevalence of phantom limb pain and non-painful phantom phenomena in persons with limb amputation. To access the publication, click here.

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