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Zur Person

Photo of Laura Bechtold

Dr. Laura Bechtold
Building: 23.03
Floor/Room: 00.82
+49 211 81-11597


Bechtold L, Ghio M, Antoch G, Turowski B, Wittsack H J, Tettamanti M, Bellebaum C (2019). How words get meaning: The neural processing of novel object names after sensorimotor training. Neuroimage. 197: 284-294.  CrossRef

Bechtold L, Bellebaum C, Egan S, Tettamanti M, Ghio M (2018). The role of experience for abstract concepts: Expertise modulates the electrophysiological correlates of mathematical word processing. Brain and Language. 188:1-10. CrossRef

Bechtold L, Ghio M, Bellebaum C (2018). The effect of training-induced visual imageability on electrophysiological correlates of novel word processing. Biomedicines, Special Issue: 
Neural Mechanisms of Learning. 6:pii:E75. CrossRef

Bechtold L, Ghio M, Lange J, Bellebaum C (2018). Event-Related Desynchronization of mu and beta oscillations during the Processing of Novel Tool Names. Brain and Language. 177-178:44-55.   CrossRef

Sanger J, Bechtold L, Schoofs D, Blaszkewicz M, Wascher E (2014). The influence of acute stress on attention mechanisms and its electrophysiological correlates. Front Behav Neurosci 8: 353. CrossRef

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