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Zur Person

M. Sc. Adam Berlijn
Building: 23.03
Floor/Room: 00.89
+49 211 81-14799
+40 211 81-11753



Berlijn, A. M., Hildebrandt, L. K., & Gamer, M. (2022). Idiosyncratic viewing patterns of social scenes reflect individual preferences. Journal of Vision, 22(13), 1-18.  Crossref.   

Schrammen, E., Grimshaw, G. M., Berlijn, A. M., Ocklenburg, S., & Peterburs, J. (2020). Response inhibition to emotional faces is modulated by functional hemispheric asymmetries linked to handedness.  Brain and Cognition, 145, 105629. Crossref.

Suchotzki, K., Berlijn, A., Donath, M., & Gamer, M. (2018). Testing the applied potential of the Sheffield Lie Test. Acta psychologica, 191, 281-288.  Crossref.

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