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International press and media releases

Below you'll find links to international press and media releases addressing our research. Please note that some of those links lead to external websites or files for which we hold no liability. Sole liability of these websites lies with their owners.


Cognitive Science, PsyPost, 12.09.2021

"Smelling fear? Study provides evidence that chemosensory anxiety signals reduce trust and risk-taking in women"


Chemistry World, Royal Society of Chemistry, 21.09.2020

"Human chemical communication"


Scientia Nov 29, 2019 | Biology, Health and Medicine

"More than just words: The chemical communication of social information"


Scientific American, 13.02.2012

"Do Pheromones Play a Role in Our Sex Lives?"


Scientific American, 15.01.2012

"Sick people smell bad: Why dogs sniff dogs, humans sniff humans and dogs sometimes sniff humans"


European Chemoreception Research Organization (ECRO) Newsletter 80, Winter 2010

"Signals of stress - pheromonal communication in humans?" (PDF)


La Gaceta, Argentinien, 15.07.2009

"Los seres humanos"


El Comercio, Ecuador, 14.07.2009

"También los humanos" (sorry, no longer available)


The British Psychological Society, 06.07.2009

"Fear really does have a smell"


Daily Mail, 02.07.2009

"You smell terrified: We can detect when others are scared by their scent" (sorry, no longer available)


New Scientist, 01.07.2009

"Fellow students smell your exam fear"


The Wall Street Journal, 01.07.2009

 "Responding to the Scent of Anxiety"


The Scientific American Mind, August/September 2008

"The hidden power of scent" (PDF)

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