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Publications 1990-1994


Heil, M., Rösler, F., & Hennighausen, E. (1994). Dynamics of activation in long-term memory: The retrieval of verbal, pictorial, spatial, and color information. Journal of Experimental Psychology: Learning, Memory, and Cognition, 20, 185-200.

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Heil, M., Rösler, F., & Hennighausen, E. (1993). Imagery-perception interaction depends on the shape of the image: A reply to Farah (1989). Journal of Experimental Psychology: Human Perception and Performance, 19, 1313-1320.

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Rösler, F. & Heil, M. (1991). Toward a functional categorization of slow waves: Taking into account past and future events. Psychophysiology, 28, 344-358.

Rösler, F. & Heil, M. (1991). A negative slow wave related to conceptual load which vanishes if the amount of load is increased? A reply to Ruchkin and Johnson. Psychophysiology, 28, 363-364.

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Rösler, F., Glowalla, U., & Heil, M. (1990). Slow negative potentials during retrieval from long-term memory. In C. H .M. Brunia, A. W. K. Gaillard, & A. Kok (Eds.). Psychophysiological brain research, Volume 1 (pp. 244-247). Tilburg: Tilburg University Press.


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