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Postdoc position available in our lab!

Please see here for details.

12.12.2020 Congratulations Luca!

Luca’s first paper of her PhD thesis has been accepted for publication in Nature Communications! Luca shows that the cortical balance between excitation and inhibition (E/I balance) plays region-specific roles in different kinds of decision making. E/I balance in one region (dorsal anterior cingulate cortex) influences how we balance the value of moving away from a depleting resource against the cost of leaving. In contrast, E/I balance in another region (ventromedial prefrontal cortex) is related to simple reward-maximizing choices.

Kaiser LF, Gruendler TOJ, Speck O, Luettgau L, Jocham G (2021) Dissociable roles of cortical excitation-inhibition balance during patch-leaving versus value-guided decisions. Nature Communications, Feb 10, 12(1): 904.

04.07.2020: Congrats Lennart!

Lennart just published the first paper of his PhD thesis! His work shows that decisions are not only guided by memories, but decisions themselves modify hippocampal stimulus-outcome associations - and thereby bias future decisions.

Luettgau L, Tempelmann C, Kaiser LF, Jocham G (2020) Decisions bias future choices by modifying hippocampal associative memories. Nature Communications 3 July 11(1): 3318.



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