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PhD Theses

Currently Advised Theses (PhD)

Theses Candidate Place
Chemosensory social perception in schizotypic and schizophrenic individuals Sarah Wehner Düsseldorf
Chemosensory communication of positive affect Olga Rashidi Düsseldorf
Social behavior in the context of human chemosensory signals Lukas Meister Düsseldorf


Finished Theses (PhD)

Theses Doctor Place, Year
Olfactory perception in depressive disorders with special reference to cognitive function and age Sylvia Waldmann Düsseldorf, 2021
The effects of sexual orientation on the perception and the processing of weakly emotional stimuli Dunja Storch Düsseldorf, 2020
The influence of sexual orientation on social interaction Charlotte Sachse Düsseldorf, 2018
Amygdala compensation during short- and long-term changes in social-emotional and non-social-emotional contexts Alexandra Patin Düsseldorf, 2017
Mu-activity as an indicator of empathic processes Matthias Hoenen Düsseldorf, 2016
Social behavior in humans is affected by chemosensory signals of aggression Sabine Schlösser Düsseldorf, 2014
Studies on the social and spatial perception of the domestic pigeon (Columba livia f. dom.) Mareike Fellmin Düsseldorf, 2013
Perception and regulation of emotions elicited by chemosensory signals in socially anxious individuals Dirk Adolph Düsseldorf, 2011
The effects of sexual orientation on human chemosensory communication Katrin Lübke Düsseldorf, 2010
Development of a psychophysical performance test assessing olfactory disrimination ability Roland Weierstall Düsseldorf, 2009
Central-nervous, vegetative, perceptual and behavioural adaptations in pregnant and non-pregnant women and girls to human chemosensory anxiety signals Anne Ohrt Düsseldorf, 2007
Perception of chemosensory anxiety signals: An fMRI study Alexander Prehn Düsseldorf, 2007
Cognitive modulation of central nervous odor processing Joachim H. Laudien Kiel, 2006
Central-nervous information processing of food related stimuli in restrained and unrestrained eaters and patients with eating disorders Claudia Müller Kiel, 2005
Effects of medication on early olfactory perception in patients with Major Depression Martin Laudien Kiel, 2003
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