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Current Projects

The Motor representation of sensory experience - moreSense

In the project moreSense, funded by the ERC, we investigate how motor maps shape our perception of space and time. We use virtual reality devices and motion tracking to test how systematically distorted relationships between actions and their sensory consequences change our perception.

Software for the rehabilitation of vision - SoftRevision

The ERC funded project SoftRevision will develop a virtual-reality based rehabilitation method of hemispatial neglect which often follows a stroke and consists in an inability to be aware of one side of the visual field. This project is conducted in cooperation with the St. Mauritirus clinic in Meerbusch.

Autistic Perception and the Predictive Role of Visual Experience

Localizing stimuli in our environment is crucial for virtually all motor, perceptual and cognitive tasks. The brain is constantly confronted with a wealth of sensory information that must be processed efficiently to facilitate appropriate reactions. One way of improving processing efficiency is to predict incoming sensory information based on previous experience. However, the way in which prior experiences and current sensory inputs are combined vary between individuals. The project will be based on state-of-the-art eye-tracking experiments driven by recent theoretical developments in autism spectrum disorder (ASD) research.

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