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Photo of Raoul Bell
Prof. Dr. Raoul Bell
Building: 23.03
Floor/Room: 00.64
+49 211 81-15643

Photo of Nils Brandenburg
Dr. Nils Brandenburg

Photo of Axel Buchner
Univ.-Prof. Dr. Axel Buchner
Building: 23.03
Floor/Room: 00.70
+49 211 81-12271

Office Hours

“Office hours” for face-to-face consultations with the constraint to move to a specific location within a rigid time window are a relic of the past. Instead, I will be happy to arrange an appointment with you for a video meeting via Webex. Just let me know by e-mail that you want to talk to me.

Photo of Elisa Gräve
Elisa Gräve M. Sc.
Building: 23.03
Floor/Room: U1.43
+49 211 81-14568

Photo of Janine Hoffmann
Janine Hoffmann
Building: 23.03
Floor/Room: 00.68
+49 211 81-12271

Office Hours

in principle around:
Monday, Wednesday, Friday: 8:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.
Tuesday und Thursday: 12:00 p.m. to 3:45 p.m.

If possible, send me an email so that we can make an appointment.

Photo of Gesa Fee Komar
Gesa Fee Komar M. Sc.
Building: 23.03
Floor/Room: 00.65
+49 211 81-15629

Photo of Albert-Georg Lang
Dr. Albert-Georg Lang
Building: 23.03
Floor/Room: 00.63
+49 211 81-14155

Photo of Carolin Mayer
Carolin Mayer M. Sc.
Building: 23.03
Floor/Room: U1.43
+49 211 81-14568

Photo of Nicola Marie Menne
Nicola Marie Menne M. Sc.
Building: 23.03
Floor/Room: 00.65
+49 211 81-12270

Photo of Laura Mieth
Dr. Laura Mieth

Photo of Ana Philippsen
Ana Philippsen M. Sc.
Building: 23.03.
Floor/Room: U1.83
+49 211 81-12468

Photo of Kristina Winter
Kristina Winter M. Sc.
Building: 23.03
Floor/Room: 00.67
+49 211 81-15781

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